by Middlewav

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All songs written, recorded, and mastered by Keir Allison-Bourne.

Tom Dorsey - synthesizer on hinge
Mike Elliott - percussion on hinge, change, twos, comeup, and nowwhat
Keir Allison-Bourne - guitar, vocals, paint brush


released January 26, 2014

2060 Records



all rights reserved


Middlewav Olympia, Washington

Middlewav is a terribly groovy band from Olympia, WA.

Dream Pop/

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Track Name: wrong
i was wrong
right from the start
all along
but i could not stop

please don't listen to me
cause i'm starting to think
this is all just a dream
and i am in someone's head
while they are asleep
in somebody else's bed
it's warping the way i think
about my life
and what happens when i am dead

when we wake up from this
is there gonna be anything left

please don't follow me
i got nowhere to lead
cause there is nothing
it's all in my head
swirling around
back to then
Track Name: hinge
looks like all you had
was what you wanted
pulled it from the hat
and then you lost it
it's not coming back
she ran off with him
and now i'm losing track
getting too self involved again
but behind the mask
here lies all of this
bound in a trap
the revolving door hinge

go in and never come back
just spin around and round again
till you discover that
you were always at the end
that clever trick that you had
to force yourself to pretend
you had more time left
but it's all in your head
Track Name: puzzle
force the puzzle piece in
it's the last one but it doesn't fit
and i know you thought you knew what you would get
but in the end
there is just nothing left

so force the puzzle piece in
and you will get
what you will get

please i know you thought that you exist
it's just so hard
to fake all of this
but show me i am wrong
you were right all along

so please just force the puzzle piece in
it's the last one but it does not fit
Track Name: twos
twos two
and i should know
you're already gone
and i am a ghost
freezing on the coast
i am done and all alone
no clue who i am
or what to do
find my own path and way
to go
you were holding me back anyway
you let go before it was time
before i could go
forever i hope

up and down until it ends
once you let it go
then you will forget
what you have known
it is all pretend
this little world that you made in your head
that you continue to manifest
as if it were real
but you are dead
all of the memories in your head
will leak out of the back into the basement
up and down until it ends
now that you are done
we are no longer friends
i cannot see your face again
or i may come to an untimely end

calm down
i think you should know
we've already gone
we've already done it all
and we're gonna go back again
until we are whole
the problem isn't even our own
i just want to go home
back and back and down again

back and over now
gonna show them the way out
will it be so sweet in the end
when nothing is there around the bend
you are scared of the unknown
but when it comes there's nothing
you should just let go
Track Name: change
what are you running from
and to who and because
you had it all mapped out
then it came all undone
words they hide in your mouth
never gonna say em now
but you still hold on
there is no way out
from what you've done
gonna have to face it now
give up what you love
cause you are going down
and so's this whole crowd
we are no longer now

turn back around
then you could come back down

what are you running from
the end of a gun
as if you could just move on
just move on
and say your done

you have nothing to say
it all stays the same
this game we play
breakthrough today

come back down
come on back and wrap around
Track Name: nowwhat
what have we
going on

i heard i made you cry
so nowwhat nowwhat
speaking of the past
it's all done
both looking back
when we wanna move on
sounds like all you had
was all you ever could want
nowwhat nowwhat
muted and mauled
scrawled and scratched on the wall
pick and choose each word that you want
nowwhat nowwhat
so easy to move up to move up
no up
let go of what you are
you're nothing

so nowwhat nowwhat
don't pretend to be the one
nowwhat nowwhat
when all you had was all ever did want