by Middlewav

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All songs written, recorded, and mastered by Keir Allison-Bourne

Keir Allison-Bourne - guitar, vocals
Mike Elliott - percussion


released October 26, 2013

2060 Records



all rights reserved


Middlewav Olympia, Washington

Middlewav is a terribly groovy band from Olympia, WA.

Dream Pop/

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Track Name: alram
and fall right back
into the trap
and wear the mask

the pain in my soul
was painted there as if it were my role

peel it back to reel it in
all those things you lack again
reveal the cracks
they never mattered
no not the slightest bit
i'm surprised that you noticed
you are not perfect
you will die in the end
but it's worth it

one by one
the colors will run

build it up
and it must fall down again
the whole point is
that this never ends

face to face
the words fall out
right in their place
Track Name: flutter
open up
to stars and stuff
all around your head
just floating everywhere

close your eyes
delve deep inside
here tonight
but not to stay
just go another way
into the unknown
where i call home

what have you done
you've killed everyone
in your head
one by one
they are all dead
what to do
when it's only you
Track Name: grasp
i weave in and out
of your
of your dreams
i'm finally reaching the end
this whole
sordid thing
willing and able to accept
that i'm wrong and i've always been

about this feeling
it's fleeting
certainly leaving
the back of my head

always searching for your glance
amongst a sea of sand
staring at each and every chance
i'm lost
learning all of this
her irides they gleam again
now they're gone
and they've always been

just repeating
fever dreaming
completely convinced
that you're already dead
and falling apart
i guess we all are from the start

so release your grasp
it's all you have
i will not bite
i am not mad

i have seen myself
from every angle
and i'm still not sure
if i am able

to deconstruct my own distractions
and reach the core of this reaction

so unscrew the cork
to this wine
drink it
celebrate all who missed it

they gave their life
just to taste it
to have the time
just to waste it
Track Name: blackhole
there's a black hole in the center of us
that threatens to pull and tear us apart
spiraling down back into the start
where light can't escape
what is dark

and i know you're not the only one
there's trillions of stars
you are my sun
here i stay stuck in the same place
i gravitate towards your love
and that face
i keep dreaming of

visions of war nearly every night
fighting for control of my mind
stumbling through broken city scapes
full of the ruins that i made
and everyone
was so afraid
of what we won
here today

little kids trying to escape
through foundations digging their own graves
turn around and run down the hall
meet the man wearing the bomb
and everyone
just hums along
as if nothing is wrong

where do you go if you take your own life
if you break the mold is there another outside
i was just trapped in my little mind
i never really wanted to die

that's life and this is love
there's pain yeah it's all the same
you ride the waves
up and down
everything that you found
it will fade
just like the sound
that you made
in my ear
on that fateful day
Track Name: ashell
how can i try
if you're locked inside
of your own lies
of your own life
it's not my right to pry
but if it is paradise
then it has to end
and if you're in paradise
then this is the end
for you
and for me
and for everything
you're everything

if i fall in line
and ignore all the signs
that it's all a lie
my whole life
it is just pretend
and if i hold on
then i will find an end
but if i let it go
the pain
it is gone
was it ever there at all
was it ever there at all

if i sleep tonight
there is poison in my spine
no it's not aligned
my dreams unwind
hope i wake up when they end
with one
foot in the door
what are you waiting for
what are you waiting for
Track Name: presquevu
it's all right here
on the tip of my tongue
everyone is watching
what is it you have done

i've been trying to find this space
where my roots can take place
knowing that it's all in vain
and yet i still take

so please just jumble up these
cause they don't matter
apply your own worth
just watch the paint splatter

and in good time
it grows
you might be fine
but who knows
that just how it
Track Name: redalgae
i'm so deep
in this old house

where are we
going now

in the darkness
it's so loud

we're going down
without a sound
wake up
just walk out
on the crown
and say you're done
and you will finally get up

if you are me
then i will not give up

i'll go marching
until i've had enough

we're going down
without a sound
wake up
and look around
you found
there's nothing

when i go to sleep

what will i see
blackness all around

or a white foreground
the feeling implies
that you're still alive

and what you can see
it's happening
don't give up
and you will finally know love
Track Name: fallout
hurry up
and don't forget
have you had enough yet
of the searching man
can't take a rest
but i'll lend a hand
and i'll try my best
but i'm just a man
running the same test

please don't forget
that this ever happened
just let it roll off your chest
the circles happens
again and again

the ring around
it's over now
but don't look down
no just give up
on your dumb luck
while i run figure eights
in my head
all around you
and through the bend

when there's nothing left
but a paper green debt
and an empty head
we'll pull through
just like you said
Track Name: cirque
give the turnabout to the roundabout
and turn around and that's me
i hear it glistening
slowly listening
in on their feed

i know the game is stacked
you all but lack
that sick sense of greed

in another place i had another name
or so it did seem
but as i look around
it is here i found
i'm locked inside of me
for whoever's got that key
all that i know
it's human to feel too free

rise above
what you loved
to face the pain
or it won't go away

after all that you could do
is breakthrough

around the bend
around the bend
there is no end
there is no end

so don't be frightened
Track Name: timereal
after all my time
looking back
it only rottens my lonely mind
building it brick by brick
this wall of memories so
impossibly thick
oh yeah

and after all my lies
looking forward
it only serves
to further bend my spine
play your hand or don't
throw your cards on the table
watch where they land
and where they won't

and after all my time
looking forward looking forward
this time time time
into the wave that will envelope
my mind mind mind
when i go it will be perfectly fine

give it all away
i let it go i let it go
and it never fades
just look into the light
and there you will find

after all this time
i only have one thing that's on my mind
and there you are
somewhere in time
i'll step the right way
and fall in your line of sight
we both will find
ourselves in good time